Golden Age

Permanent collection

The Golden Age of Alkmaar

In 'The Golden Age of Alkmaar' gallery visitors enter a world of growth, well-being and wealth. There are paintings by Jacob Cornelisz van Oostsanen, Maarten van Heemskerck, Willem van de Velde (the Elder), Gerard van Honthorst, Pieter Jansz Saenredam and Jan de Baen. The large collection of paintings by Caesar van Everdingen, Alkmaar’s greatest painter, is outstanding. The museum has eleven paintings by Caesar van Everdingen, among them two impressive militia works.

Ornamental Silver, Glassware and Furniture
Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar obtained a number of long-term loans for the Golden Age gallery. There are masterpieces by Jacob Cornelisz van Oostsanen and the brothers Caesar and Allart van Everdingen from the Rijksmuseum. The Old Masters are accompanied by a collection of ornamental silver, including seven decorated tazzas (drinking dishes) and seventeenth-century porcelain and glassware in all shapes and sizes. One unusual object is a chest from the Nijenburg country estate, beautifully decorated with paintings of Jesus and the Samaritan woman. The owners – Van Foreest’s heirs – called it the ‘Luther chest’ because of the unusual images on the inside: a church interior and portraits of well-known reformers.

Golden age of Alkmaar

Recent acquisitions
• Museum acquires masterpiece by Cornelis Buys from around 1535
• Unexpected gift of a Pierre Gole art cabinet

Would you like to see more of the Golden Age in North Holland? Visit the Westfries Museum in Hoorn. A large Golden Age collection in a magnificent building.

The first stage of the modernization (2012) of Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar was made possible in part by Alkmaar City Council, 8 October Vereeniging 'Alkmaar Onzet', ABN AMRO, Stichting Vrienden en Schutters van Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar, Vereniging Rembrandt, VSBfonds, Mondriaan Fonds and various other funds, sponsors and donors.

Luther chest

Luthers kastje

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