Expected from November 24

The Mondrian Mystery
Small Hall

The Mondrian Mystery

On 20 December 1950, Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar bought four superb drawings at a sale. They were portraits of young women done by Leo Gestel (1881-1941) – at least, that is what was thought! Now it it proves that one of the drawings was by Piet Mondrian (1872-1944). How could the drawing have acquired an incorrect attribution in the forty years between when it was made and the sale? Who was the sitter? What was her relationship to Mondrian? The mysterious wanderings of an impressive drawing have now been reconstructed in an intimate exhibition and intriguing book.

Piet Mondriaan
(detail of the portrait)

Why did people think that Gestel made the drawing?
How was it discovered that Mondrian was the artist?
Who is the sitter?
How did the artist and the sitter come to be forgotten?
For whom was the drawing made?

Exhibition expected (small hall): The Mondrian Mystery-  24 November 2018 till 10 March 2019 in Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar