The Bergen School

Permanent display

The First Expressionist Movement in the Netherlands

Fans of the Bergen School can indulge themselves in Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar’s totally renovated top room. Highlights from the museum’s Bergen School collection are on display in the revamped permanent display along with special loans from museum and private collections.

Saturated Colours, Strong Contrasts
Around 1910 the first artists took up residence in the North Holland dune village of Bergen. A few years later the number of artists there had hugely increased and Bergen witnessed the birth of the first expressionist movement in the Netherlands. In saturated colours and strong contrasts the artists of the Bergen School expressed their landscapes, portraits and still lifes in bold brushstrokes.

Collectie Bergense School

North Holland Expressionism
The oeuvres of artists like Else Berg, Mommie Schwarz, Leo Gestel, Dirk Filarski, Gerrit Willem van Blaaderen, Arnout Colnot and Piet and Matthieu Wiegman are well represented. There are also fine Luminist and Cubist landscapes from the period preceding the Bergen School, the years when art in the Netherlands gained momentum. It gives a representative overview of the development of North Holland Expressionism.

With thanks to all lenders.
The exhibition was made possible thanks to the support of Alkmaar City Council, the Friends of Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar, The BankGiro Lottery and the Province of North Holland.

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